Custom Jewelry & Cut Stones

Cut Gemstones & Custom Hand-made Jewelry

At the Outpost Gold & Gem, every bucket of Gem Rough that we sell is guaranteed to include facet grade gemstones, allowing you the unique opportunity to have your gemstone finds cut and polished. We can take your rough stone and turn it into a sparkling jewel! We have had lots of gemstones found that customers have been able to have cut into beautiful pendants, earrings, and rings! Our on-site jeweler, Ron, can set your stone for a one of a kind piece. Having your stones cut will GREATLY increase the value. There is nothing more beautiful than how a finished cut gemstone catches the light.

All you have to do is bring your stone to our on site Gemologist and they will work with you to evaluate your finds and pick the best stones for cutting. Most people have heard of the "four C's" relating to gemstones: color, cut, clarity and carat (size). Color, clarity and carat mostly relate to the original, or rough, gemstone, while cut is where the artistry comes in. That's where we excel. In fact, we believe a good gem cutter makes all the difference, assuming they start with a quality rough stone. We utilize professional gem cutter, on-site, who takes pride in his work so and will be sure to give you the professional cut gemstone that you are looking for. Next thing you know, you will have a BEAUTIFUL gem to cherish forever.

Cut Stone Pricing

Prices for Gem Cutting start as low as $20.00 per carat and go up based on stone type, shape, facet cut, and size. Cutting difficulty is generally based on the hardness of the gem and how difficult it is to cut. Due to the nature of all natural gemstones, the amount of labor can vary. Our expert gem cutters always cut the biggest and best faceted gemstone possible working around any potential flaws in the gemstone. We will quote you a firm price upon evaluation of your rough gem. We stay busy year-round with custom gemstone cutting orders, so our turn around time varies, but we can drop ship your finished stone directly to you.

We can even offer this service for customers who have found gemstones on their own or from other mining locations. Customers may also contact us about sending in their rough gemstones for cutting. Our expert staff will guide you through the process, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your new treasure.

Don't forget, customers who purchase a Family or Deluxe size gem bucket will receive $10.00 off any cut stone order. Also, stop by our Gift Shop to view a wide selection of custom and hand-made jewelry, manufactured on site by our skilled artisans.

And remember, the Outpost offers fine jewelry repair, sizing, stone replacement, watch repair/batteries, free jewelry cleaning, and appraisal services.